My name is Sahera Parveen, I am an Essenian Master, a Teaching Reiki Master and I lead the Pleiadian Healing Circle, in Birmingham, UK. I began my education in the Essenian Healings in 2018, at the Academy of the 13 Essenian Arts of Healing, in France, with the founder– highly clear-knowing spiritual teacher Lisa Lux.

With Lisa’s guidance I was taught how to communicate energetically with my Essenian guide, and how to begin consciously taking steps to purify my Karma. I was also a member of the first UK Pleiadian Healing circle, led by my Reiki Master, Katarzyna Jablonska, Founder of The Amber School of Energetic Healings.

Since being initiated as a Reiki Master, and most recently as an Essenian Master, I have grown in consciousness to understand that all that has been in my life, had to be; that it was my karma, to experience and learn from and bring back into balance the things I had inflicted on people, through wrong choices in other lives.

Practicing and receiving Essenian Healings and Pleiadian Healings, and being initiated into Reiki is a beautiful gift, that has changed how I feel about my relationship to myself, other people and all living beings.

And with the continued guidance of my teacher Lisa Lux, I have created The Emerald Dove School of Energetic Healings, as my commitment to continue on this healing path, and serve as a pure channel for these healings, to help others to also make the true and lasting change they wish to in their lives.

if you would like to experience free 5 min Reiki, learn about the ancient 5th dimensional Healing techniques – Essenian Healing Methods, Pleiadian Healings, Reiki Initiation courses, also for Reiki Practitioners, how you can incorporate Reiki into your work life, or if you’re pregnant, you can arrange a group session, free of charge,


© Sahera Parveen 2018

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